Aviation Fuel

Jet-A1 represents a kerosene-type aviation fuel (Avtur) specially designed for gas-turbine engines. It boasts exceptional performance across a wide range of operating temperatures, along with an electrical conductivity enhancer. Jet-A1 is well-suited for use in both military and civilian aircraft equipped with gas turbine engines.

Your Trusted Aviation Fuel Supplier

Rustom Energy stands with great pride as a leading non-refining wholesale supplier, offering a wide array of bulk fuel and lubricant commodities, among which Aviation Fuel is a key component. Our unwavering dedication to excellence extends to the aviation sector, where safety and precision are of the highest importance.

Count on Rustom Energy as your trusted supplier of Aviation Fuel. Our extensive range of Aviation Fuel solutions is meticulously crafted to meet the stringent demands of the aviation industry. Recognizing the non-negotiable nature of quality and reliability in aviation fuel, we offer bespoke solutions that consistently meet these rigorous standards.


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